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Shyam Pather

Shyam Pather was the Development Lead on the SQL Server 2005 Notification Services team at Microsoft. He joined the Notification Services team when it was formed in late 2000, made key contributions to the product's design and architecture, and implemented several components of the Notification Services compiler and execution engine. Since the first public release of SQL Server Notification Services in August 2002, Shyam has delivered numerous technical talks about notification application development, deployment, and administration at various conferences.

Before joining the SQL Server group, Shyam worked in the Windows Networking organization at Microsoft. As a developer on the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) team, he helped define the UPnP 1.0 Device Architecture and implemented the UPnP Control Protocol in Windows XP. Prior to working on UPnP, Shyam was a developer in the Windows Network Driver Infrastructure team, working on Raw Channel Access and a unified driver model for voice and data.

After SQL Server 2005 shipped, Shyam moved to Microsoft's Data Programmability team to work on the next generation of data access APIs. He currently runs a small development team building object-relational mapping technology.

Shyam lives in Seattle, Washington. He can be reached via email at spather@microsoft.com or through his website, http://pather.net/shyam.