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Charles Young

Brian Loesgen is a Principal Architect Evangelist with Microsoft on the Azure ISV team. Based in San Diego, Brian is a six-time Microsoft MVP and has extensive experience in building sophisticated enterprise, ESB, and SOA solutions. Brian was a key architect/ developer of the “Microsoft ESB Guidance,” initially released by Microsoft October 2006. He is a coauthor of the SOA Manifesto and is a coauthor of eight books, including SOA with .NET and Windows Azure, and is the lead author of BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed. He has written technical white papers for Intel, Microsoft, and others. Brian has spoken at numerous major technical conferences worldwide. Brian is a cofounder and pastpresident of the International .NET Association (ineta.org), and past-president of the San Diego .NET user group, where he continues to lead the Architecture SIG, and is a member of the editorial board for the .NET Developer’s Journal. Brian has been blogging since 2003 at http://blog.BrianLoesgen.com, and you can find him on Twitter as @BrianLoesgen.


Charles Young, MVP, MCPD, is a principal consultant at Solidsoft, an independent integration specialist working with BizTalk Server and related technologies. He has been a professional developer for a quarter of a century, worked for several years as a technical trainer, and has more than a decade of experience as a consultant. Charles has worked extensively with BizTalk Server since joining Solidsoft in 2003. He architects, designs, and implements enterprise-level integration applications for public- and private-sector customers, delivers seminars and workshops, and maintains a blog site. In recent years he has specialized in the area of decision systems and business rule processing and is vicechair of Rules Fest, an annual technical conference for developers and researchers involved in the implementation of reasoning systems.


Jan Eliasen, MVP, MCTS, has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and has been in the IT industry since 2003, currently working at Logica as an IT architect, focusing on delivering solutions to customers that meet the customers’ needs. He started working with BizTalk 2002 just after graduation in 2003 and has been working with BizTalk ever since. He has passed the exams in BizTalk 2000, 2004, 2006, 2006R2, and 2010 and is a five-time MVP in BizTalk Server. He is a well-known contributor on the online MSDN forums and a blogger at http://blogs.eliasen.dk/technical/. You can follow him on Twitter as @jan_eliasen.


Scott Colestock lives and works in Minnesota. He has consulted on BizTalk, WCF, CQRS architecture, Agile methods, and general performance engineering. Recently, he has focused deeply on mobile and SaaS architectures using Windows Azure. He is an MVP and frequent speaker at conference events.


Anush Kumar is the chief technology officer at S3Edge (www.s3edge.com), a software solutions company focused on Auto-ID technologies, which he helped cofound following a distinguished career at Microsoft that spanned closed to a decade of working on multiple incubations from concept to shipping. In his last avatar at Microsoft, Anush was BizTalk RFID’s leading light from early incubation of the project to its recent productization efforts, and has been heavily involved in the design and architecture of the RFID product, with multiple patents to his name. His efforts have also resulted in the vibrant partner and customer ecosystem for the product, and he is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in this space. Prior to RFID, Anush worked on the business rules engine for BizTalk Server 2004,