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Les Phillips

Les Phillips is a VP of enterprise architecture at SunTrust Banks Inc. Leveraging more than 15 years of industry experience, Les lays out the strategic and business foundation for many enterprise areas. Throughout his career Les has applied smart strategies and inventive ideas on pressing business objectives in fields such as supply chain, telecommunications, banking, retail, and education. He’s passionate when discussing his business transformation experience. Focusing on enterprise concerns and event-driven analytics, Les inspires and effectively helps businesses transform their DNA to achieve their market potential and performance goals. A longtime cyberspace veteran, Les specializes in system integration. He has enabled numerous Fortune 500 businesses to expand their awareness by integrating their systems with the outside world. On these engagements, he led many initiatives to maximize current IT investments by exposing their inherent strengths as business services. Les combines his skills with a twist of logic and a dash of creativity to form mouthwatering architectural cocktails.