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Syed R. Qasim

SYED R. QASIM, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington, has over 30 years of design, research and teaching experience in water and wastewater treatment processes. He has written three books, and published over 100 technical papers.

EDWARD M. MOTLEL is Vice President and Director of Engineering with Chiang, Patel & Yerby Inc., a consulting engineering firm in Dallas, TX. He has over 20 years of consulting experience in planning, design, and construction of advanced water, wastewater treatment, and conveyance projects.

GUANG ZHU has ten years of consulting experience with Beijing Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, Beijing, China, and is author of many technical papers in environmental engineering. He joined Chiang, Patel & Yerby Inc. as an environmental engineering process design engineer after completing his Ph.D. in 1996.