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Jem Matzan

Jem Matzan is editor and publisher of the Jem Report Linux newsletter and wrote the definitive guide on making SUSE Linux 10.0 into a competent desktop operating system (http://www.softwareinreview.com/cms/content/view/2/17/) -- an article that has helped more than 250,000 readers since October 2005.  He has also written the most-read and most-linked to reviews of SUSE Linux since version 8.1.  His "Hacking OpenSUSE" article has been copied, imitated, and outright ripped off by many Web sites and print publications.

Jem’s experience as a technology journalist gives him a unique insight into reader interests. After years of reader feedback and suggestions, he has an exceptionally good idea of what people want to read.  He contributed to Robin Miller's Point and Click Linux (2005), writing two chapters and performing a complete technical edit of the manuscript.