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Hani Suleiman

Cédric Beust is a software engineer at Google. His fascination with computers started at a very young age and is not giving any signs of fading any time soon. His interests cover all aspects of software engineering ranging from object-oriented programming to testing and optimizing techniques, including other various topics such as programming languages, user interfaces and any practices that can help him make his code easier to use. When Cédric is not posting on his blog at http://beust.com/weblog, he can usually be found playing tennis, squash, golf, volleyball or scuba diving.

Hani Suleiman is the CTO of Formicary, a company specializing in investment banking and integration solutions. Hani is a member of the JCP Executive Committee and is active on a number of enterprise JSRs. When he gets angry or irate, he expresses himself at great length on the lively and fairly controversial BileBlog.