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Paul Gustavson

Jarrod Hollingworth has been professionally programming since 1993. He is now running his own business, Backslash (http://www.backslash.com.au), developing software applications for the Internet and key business sectors and working as a software development consultant. He has a solid background in C/C++ programming in the telecommunications industry and assisted in the development of the world's first live operator¿answered GSM (digital mobile) short-messaging system. Starting in 1985 as a self-taught hobbyist programmer in BASIC and Assembly, he moved to Pascal and C/C++ through completion of a bachelor of science degree in computing at Deakin University in Australia. His professional roles in software development have ranged from programmer to software department manager. With several years of experience in C++Builder and Delphi and having worked on project teams using Microsoft Visual C++, he believes that with few exceptions C++Builder is the best tool for developing Windows applications. Jarrod lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife, Linda. His other major interests include traveling and cycling. Jarrod can be contacted at jarrod@backslash.com.au.

Bob Swart (also known as "Dr.Bob"¿http://www.drbob42.com) is author, trainer, consultant, and webmaster for his own company Bob Swart Training & Consultancy (eBob42) in Helmond, The Netherlands. Bob is a technical author for The Delphi Magazine, Harcore Delphi, C++Builder Developer's Journal, Der Entwickler, SDGN Magazine, UK-BUG Developer's Magazine, has written for the Web sites of DevX, TechRepublic/CNET, the IBM and Borland protal, and has spoken at (Borland) conferences all over the world since 1994. Bob is coauthor of The Revolutionary Guide to Delphi 2, Delphi 4 Unleashed, C++Builder 4 Unleashed, C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide, Kylix Developer's Guide, and Delphi 6 Developer's Guide. Bob is married to Yvonne and they have two internet-aware children: Erik Mark Pascal (8.5 years) and Natasha Louise Delphine (6 years).

Mark Cashman is a Senior Architect for Hartford Technology Services Company, from which he provides consulting on strategic and tactical architecture for a variety of application and technical areas at The Hartford. He has previously served in a variety of roles, including Manager of Information Systems, and Director of Software Development, and has worked for firms in manufacturing, software development, distribution, and financial services. He is also a long-standing member of Borland's TeamB for C++Builder, and has written extensively on C++ and C++ Builder. He maintains a Web site at http://www.temporaldoorway.com for his efforts in digital art, writing, music and programming advice (including C++ Builder), and a second Web site at http://www.newenglandtrailreview.com to indulge his love of the outdoors.

Paul Gustavson has over 14 years of computer engineering experience supporting a wide variety of modeling and simulation, software development, and Web technology efforts. Paul is a co-founder of SimVentions, Inc, a software development company that develops and leverages existing technologies and techniques to create innovative applications and solutions. He has written and presented numerous publications on simulation interoperability, is a contributing author of the C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide, and the technical editor for SAMS Teach Yourself UML (2nd Edition). Paul is also the chief architect for PhotoVisor, a multimedia slide show creation tool, and XML SkinGen, a developer's tool for creating skin-able Delphi and C++Builder apps. Paul lives in Virginia with his wife and two boys.