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Yuichi Nakamura

Hiroshi Maruyama, Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM’s Tokyo Research Laboratory, led a team specializing in the development of advanced XML technologies. Kent Tamura is the creator of IBM XML Parser for Java (since renamed Xerces and made open source). Naohiko Uramoto is a visiting Associate Professor at the National Institute of Informatics who specializes in advanced Web services development. Makoto Murata is an affiliated researcher at the International University of Japan and a member of the original working group that created XML 1.0. Andy Clark is a developer of the Apache Xerces XML parser in Java and the primary designer and lead technical expert for the new Xerces2 parser. Yuichi Nakamura is a contributor to the Apache SOAP and Axis projects. Ryo Neyama is a contributor to the Apache SOAP and Axis projects. Kazuya Kosaka is the manager of the Internet Technology Group and, most recently, the developer of XML-based security technologies.

Satoshi Hada is currently working on XML Access Control and SOAP Security Extensions.