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Pav Kumar-Chatterjee

Matthias Nicola is a Senior Software Engineer for DB2 pureXML at IBM’s Silicon Valley Lab. His work focuses on all aspects of XML in DB2, including XQuery, SQL/XML, XML storage, indexing, and performance. Matthias also works closely with customers and business partners, assisting them in the design, implementation, and optimization of XML solutions. Matthias has published more than a dozen articles on various XML topics (see www.matthiasnicola.de) and is a frequent speaker at DB2 conferences. Prior to joining IBM, Matthias worked on data warehousing performance for Informix Software. He received his doctorate in computer science from the Technical University of Aachen, Germany.


Pav Kumar-Chatterjee has worked with DB2 since 1991 on DB2 for z/OS and since 2000 on DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. He is currently employed by IBM as a technical sales specialist for Information Management in the United Kingdom. He has helped customers implement the XML Extender product with DB2 V8 and has presented on DB2 and XML in the United Kingdom and around Europe.