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Joshua Gertzen

Joshua Gertzen is a professional software engineer with over 12 years of experience in software development and architecture.  His knowledge and experience range from utilizing differing programming languages, development frameworks, and architectural patterns, to troubleshooting complex technical issues.  Over the last six years, he has played a key role in building the technology infrastructure at Custom Credit Systems (http://www.customcreditsystems.com), a Dallas-based software company.  A major focus during his time with that company has been on building Web architectures that utilize DHTML and/or AJAX programming techniques.  As a result of his experience in those areas, he led the effort in early 2003 to design, architect and construct the ThinWire AJAX Platform, which is currently available under the free for commercial use, LGPL open source license.  Joshua regularly posts updates to his personal blog ( http://www.truecode.org ), the ThinWire team blog ( http://www.thinwire.com/blog ) and speaks at various conferences and user groups around the country.