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Ed Carlson

Ed Carlson, CMT, an independent trader and consultant, hosts the MTA Podcast Series: Conversations and manages Seattle Technical Advisors.com. He spent 20 years as a stockbroker. Richard A. Dickson, Senior VP at Lowry Research and Director of Research, chairs the Research Committee for Lowry Capital Management. A technical market analyst for 30+ years, he served on the Board of Directors of the Market Technicians Association, first as Education Chair and later as Treasurer, and earned MTA’s “Best of the Best” award for his work in education. Tracy L. Knudsen, Chartered Market Technician (CMT), is Senior VP of Research at Lowry Research Corporation and Assistant Portfolio Manager at Lowry Capital Management. Quint Tatro is President of Tatro Capital, LLC, a premier fee-based investment advisory firm. He has appeared on CNBC and Fox Business, and writes for Forbes.com, Minyanville.com, StockTwits.com, FinancialSense.com, and Tickerville.com. Charles D. Kirkpatrick II, CMT, is President of Kirkpatrick & Company, Inc., editor/publisher of The Market Strategist, Adjunct Professor of Finance at Brandeis University International School of Business, and Director/VP of the Market Technicians Association Educational Foundation. Julie R. Dahlquist, Ph.D., senior lecturer at the University of Texas at San Antonio College of Business, serves on the Board of the Market Technicians Association Educational Foundation. Her research has appeared in Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Technical Analysis, Managerial Finance, Applied Economics, and many other publications.