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Ted Lemon

Ted Lemon first encountered DHCP while working as a network administrator at Digital Equipment Corporation in the early 1990s. In 1996 Paul Vixie of the Internet Software Consortium became concerned that there was no high-quality open-source implementation of DHCP, and he asked Ted if he would be willing to produce one. The ISC DHCP distribution was the result.

As part of the work of producing the ISC DHCP distribution, Ted has been active in the IETF DHCWG since 1996. Along with Ralph, Bernie Volz, and Jim Bound, Ted is working on a new version of DHCP for IPv6, as well as extensions to the DHCP protocol for IPv4.

One of the important ways that open-source projects are improved is through examination of user feedback for ways to do things better and for common problems that users have. Ted has had a great deal of experience helping people with common problems with the various aspects of DHCP. His motivation in working on this book has been to help people who need to use DHCP to learn what they need to know to install and manage a DHCP installation without sending him e-mail.

Ted currently works for Nominum, Inc., a leading vendor of DHCP and DNS solutions.