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Raj Nair

Raj Nair is a veteran of the electronics industry and academia with more than 20 years of engineering and research experience, holding over 40 patents in VLSI Design and general electronics. He has engaged in power management and power integrity investigations at the electronic system, circuits, and device levels in his efforts, of which the most notable are his work at Intel Corporation, where he researched and conceived of integrated CMOS voltage regulation for power integrity management for nanoscale microprocessors. Raj founded ComLSI Inc. and Anasim Corp., where he worked on developing advanced, patented techniques and tools for ULSI power integrity analysis and management.

Dr. Donald Bennett
, a device physicist and veteran of the semiconductor industry, co-founded Anasim Corp. with Raj Nair. Donald is also the inventor of the patent-pending "Effective Current Density" method facilitating high levels of abstraction and physics based simulations for integrated circuit and system power integrity analysis. Prior to Anasim, he founded QuantumDA Inc., developing and deploying RLCSim, a grid simulation software employing the ECD method.