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William Nelson

Bill Nelson is Vice President of Education and Business Services, GCA Technology Services. He has been working with the product for over ten years. GCA Technology Services has developed several solutions surrounding Sun's Web Server products. One such development effort was the implementation of a project management tracking system for a regional healthcare consortium. He is the author of several training courses distributed by Sun Educational Services that focused on Web Tier products.

Arvind Srinivasan
is one of three architects on the web server development engineering team. Since joining Sun Microsystems in 2000, he has worked as an individual contributor and has been the technical lead for the servlet/jsp container of Sun's web server and application server. Mass virtual hosting and the superior performance/scalability of the servlet/jsp container are two of his key contributions to the Sun Java System Web Server. He has also coauthored a book titled Java Networking and AWT API Superbible.

Murthy Chintalapati
has been with Sun’s Web Server development engineering team in different roles since he joined Sun Microsystems in 1996. In his present role as engineering manager, he is looking after the product readiness, quality, completeness and customer adoption. He holds a Masters in Computer Science & Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay,