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Tim Kashani

Tim Kashani, founder and CEO of IT Mentors and author, has trained more than 100,000 students worldwide. He builds scorecards to track how many vegetables his son consumes daily. Tim thinks increasing is better. His son wants more information before making a strategic decision on the issue.


Ola Ekdahl has worked with PerformancePoint since its early alpha stages, as a trainer, content creator, and author, and has extensive experience developing business intelligence solutions. He’s currently developing a KPI measuring how much catnip his cats can consume. The cats think they should use increasing is better but Ola disagrees.


Kevin Beto, a 10-year Microsoft veteran, is currently a test lead on the Microsoft SharePoint BI team. He builds scorecards to track his performance in arm wrestling and twister contests. The calculations and thresholds for these scorecards test the outer limits of performance monitoring and business intelligence.


Rachel Vigier is a writer. She has authored two volumes of poetry, a book about dance, and many technical and business works. She uses scorecards to track how many books her family reads. Increasing is definitely better and so far everybody consistently exceeds targets.