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Scott Granneman

Scott Granneman is an author, educator, and small business owner. He has written seven books and contributed to two. In addition, he was a columnist for SecurityFocus, one of the largest and most important security-focused sites on the Web, and Linux Magazine while it was in print.

As an educator, he has taught thousands of people of all ages–from preteens to senior citizens–on a wide variety of topics, including both literature and technology. He is currently an adjunct professor at Washington University in St. Louis and at Webster University, where he teaches a variety of courses about technology, social media, the Internet, and Web development. With the shift in focus over the past few decades to Linux and other open-source technologies, he has worked to bring knowledge of these powerful new directions in software to people at all technical skill levels.

As a Principal of WebSanity, a website planning, development, and hosting firm with clients in 12 states, he manages the firm’s Linux-based servers and infrastructure, researches new technologies, and works closely with other partners on the underlying WebSanity Content Management System (CMS).