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Rajiv Kohli

SARV DEVARAJ is a faculty of the Management Department at the Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame, specializing in technology management, quality and productivity management, and manufacturing strategy. He consults widely in the areas of technology management, performance evaluation, just-in-time manufacturing, work teams, and optimizing manufacturing. He is also a Fellow of India-based software companies. Devaraj speaks frequently at conferences, including the Annual Conference for the Decision Sciences Institute. His work has won several international awards.

RAJIV KOHLI is a faculty in the College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University, specializing in strategic information systems, enhanced decision support systems, process innovation, and the role of information technologies in enabling competitive advantage. Recently, he was an internal Consultant in the Decision Support Services at the corporate office of Trinity Health in South Bend, Indiana. He has worked and consulted with organizations in manufacturing, telecommunications, and healthcare.

Devaraj and Kohli's recent joint publications include "Information Technology Payoff in the Health-Care Industry: A Longitudinal Study," published in the Journal of Management Information Systems and (with Ming Fan) "E-Loyalty: Elusive Ideal or Competitive Edge," published in Communications of the ACM. They are currently jointly researching new methods for analyzing e-commerce customer satisfaction and loyalty.