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Maurice Sharp

Maurice Sharp is a 20 year veteran of mobile development at companies both large and small ranging from Apple, Palm and eBay to mark/space and ShopWell, an IDEO spinout. Maurice got his start as a Developer Support Engineer helping make the world safe and fun for Newton, the Palm developers. After mastering the DTS side he went back to development and currently manages mobile development at Couchsurfing; runs his own consulting company: KLM Apps; and is ex officio technical advisor to some mobile focused startups. When not living and breathing code, Maurice spends his time being a husband and a father to a precocious 10 year-old girl… his most important role.


Rod Strougo is the founder and lead developer of the studio Prop Group at www.prop.gr. Rod’s journey in physics and games started way back with an Apple ][, writing games in Basic. From the early passion in games, Rod’s career moved to enterprise software development, spending 10 years writing software for IBM and recently for a large telecom company. These days Rod enjoys helping others get started on their paths to making games. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rod lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and sons.


Erica Sadun is the bestselling author, coauthor, and contributor to dozens of books on programming, digital video, digital photography, web design, and related topics, including The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook, 2nd Edition and her brand new book, Talking to Siri. The author of more than a dozen iPhone-native applications, Sadun currently blogs for The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW). She has also blogged for sites ranging from O’Reilly.com to Ars Technica. Sadun holds a Ph. D. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech’s Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center.