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Pete Moulton

Pete Moulton founded The Moulton Company, an independent computer training and consulting firm, specializing in PC, LAN, and Telecommunications training, in 1980. Previously, Mr. Moulton worked for the U.S. Senate and the General Electric Company in communications and telecommunications issues. Pete has been in Communications since 1968, and has been working with PC's since 1981 and LAN's since 1984.

Pete has been on the leading edge of implementing and managing new PC and communications technologies for the last 20 years. He personally owns and operates over twenty (20) PC's and a combined Novell and Microsoft Windows Server LAN with Multiple Servers using Fast Ethernet. His PC troubleshooting and support experience comes from maintaining these and other PC's.

He has most recently authored two books for Prentice-Hall Publishing: A+ Certification and The Telecommunications Survival Guide. Mr. Moulton has also developed numerous public seminars in the area of telecommunications, TCP/IP, and local area networking.

Pete created, was executive producer, and host of both the Technically Correct TV program broadcast on WMAR TV ABC Channel 2 and the DialANerd Radio Program broadcast on WJFK 1300 AM and WCBM 680 AM in Baltimore. The Technically Correct TV program was voted the best new homegrown TV program in Baltimore by Baltimore Magazine. Mr. Moulton also appeared on several TV talk programs in the Baltimore area.

Mr. Moulton has developed and delivered seminars on PC's, data communications, PC's and LANs since 1975. He has taught statistics courses for Clarkson University and graduate level PC courses for John's Hopkins University. He has spoken at COMDEX, and other computer conferences and presented seminars in Europe, South East Asia, South America, Australia, Africa as well as North America. He has published over 20 papers, has authored a QUE QuickStart Book on Fixed Disks, and developed the George Washington University video on Data Communication Buzzwords.

Without ever having taken a formal course, Mr. Moulton passed in one week's time all Certified Network Engineer tests. Similarly, Mr. Moulton passed the A+ and Microsoft Windows and Windows for Workgroups certification tests.

Mr. Moulton holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a master's of science degree in Industrial Management from Clarkson University. He is a member of IEEE.

Pete Moulton

Pete Moulton