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Stephen Northcutt is a graduate of Mary Washington College. Beforeentering the field of computer security, he worked as a Navy helicopter searchand rescue crewman, white water raft guide, chef, martial arts instructor,cartographer, and network designer. Stephen is author/co-author of IncidentHandling Step by Step, Intrusion Signatures and Analysis, Inside NetworkPerimeter Security, and the previous two editions of this book. He was theoriginal author of the Shadow intrusion detection system and leader of theDepartment of Defense's Shadow Intrusion Detection team before acceptingthe position of Chief for Information Warfare at the Ballistic Missile DefenseOrganization. Stephen currently serves as Director of Training and Certificationfor the SANS Institute.

Judy Novak is currently a senior security analyst working for theBaltimore-based consulting firm of Jacob and Sundstrom, Inc. She primarily worksat the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory where she is involvedin intrusion detection and traffic monitoring and Information Operationsresearch. Judy was one of the founding members of the Army Research LabsComputer Incident Response Team where she worked for three years. She hascontributed to the development of a SANS course in TCP/IP and written a SANShands-on course, "Network Traffic Analysis Using tcpdump," both ofwhich are used in SANS certifications tracks. Judy is a graduate of theUniversity of Maryland—home of the 2002 NCAA basketball champions. She isan aging, yet still passionate, bicyclist, and Lance Armstrong is her modern-dayhero!

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