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Ishai Sagi

Ishai Sagi is a SharePoint expert who has been working with Microsoft SharePoint since its initial release in 2001. Since then, Ishai has trained numerous end users, administrators, and developers in using Microsoft SharePoint or developing solutions for the platform. He has spoken at Microsoft conferences around the world, including in Spain, Israel, and Australia. Ishai received the Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) award for Microsoft SharePoint in 2007 and 2008 as recognition for his contribution to the Microsoft SharePoint community.


Ishai also is the author of a popular SharePoint blog for developers at http://www.sharepoint-tips.com and manages the Canberra SharePoint User Group website at http://www.sharepointusers.org.au/Canberra/default.aspx.


Currently, Ishai is a SharePoint developer and a solutions architect in Canberra, Australia where he spends his spare time taking pictures of the wildlife. This might help explain the numerous pictures of kangaroos that can be seen in this book.