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James Robertson

James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson have worked with hundreds of systems projects. They are the authors of books, seminars, and articles on requirements and have consulted and assisted on requirements projects worldwide. Their unique brand of experience, practical know-how, and dogma-free approach to requirements has transformed the business analysts they come in contact with.

They are the coauthors of five books including Mastering the Requirements Process, now in its third edition, and Requirements-Led Project Management. They are also coauthors of the Volere requirements techniques, used by thousands of organizations around the world.

James and Suzanne are founders and principals of the Atlantic Systems Guild, an international partnership of systems thinkers and authors. Guild partners have written numerous influential books and are the authors of some of the most successful systems and requirements courses--and, as their readers and students attest, guild partners remain among the most compelling and lucid communicators.