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Marcraft International

Marcraft International Corporation For more than eight years, Marcraft has been a world-wide leader in the field of instructor guided network certification programs designed and written for easy comprehension, and computer servicing and repair programs. Starting with 80-88s and graduating to 386s to 486s to Pentiums, Marcraft has remained on the cutting edge. Marcraft is the author of A+ Certification Training Guide and Network+ Certification Training Guide (NRP).Jim Richardson, a Certified SCO UNIX Instructor, Advanced Certified Engineer, and writer for Marcraft International is an expert at designing and implementing computer communications systems. Jim has extensive knowledge of computer operating systems and networking. Jim wrote his first operating system in 1985, and a networking protocol in 1987. Jim has been involved with the UNIX movement since 1979 and LINUX since 1992. Jim has taught hundreds of students about UNIX and LINUX Networking. Jim develops and presents seminars which show both the academic and real world perspective as seen through the eyes of an Engineer with 25 years experience. Jim's seminars simplify complex concepts for his audience.Prior to becoming a consultant in 1990, Jim worked as a Principal Engineer for Lockheed Sanders, and performed Research and Development for Digital Equipment and Wang Labs where he received the Employee of the Month Award. Jim earned his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Computer Science at Boston University. Jim is currently lecturing at Boston University as a part time faculty member.