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Christopher Steel

Christopher Steel is Chief Architect at Dante Consulting. He is responsible for managing and architecting large-scale enterprise applications for the U.S. Treasury. He was formerly Chief Security Architect at Sun Java Center, where he served as OpenWings security specification lead.

Ramesh Nagappan is Java Architect at Sun Microsystems. He specializes in distributed computing architectures and security solutions for large-scale business applications and Web services. He is an active contributor to Java- and XML-based open source applications and XML Web services industry standard initiatives. He has coauthored three best-selling books on J2EE, EAI, and Web services.

Ray Lai is Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems. He has developed and architected enterprise applications and Web services solutions for leading multinational companies ranging from HSBC and Visa to American Express and DHL. He is author of J2EE Platform Web Services (Prentice Hall, 2004).