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Melanie Caffrey

Melanie Caffrey: Before entering the world of Oracle and database technology in general, Melanie Caffrey was a researcher, first for the academic world in Colorado, then for the corporate world in New York. The desire to explore a new career path led her to Columbia University's Computer Technology and Applications (CTA) Program, which ultimately changed her life. Shortly before finishing at Columbia, she began developing applications using SAP technology with an Oracle database. Additionally, she enjoys spending a semester or two, here and there, teaching the class that is the foundation for this book and, occasionally, introductory courses in SQL and the Oracle Server, to the students at Columbia University's CTA program.

Douglas Scherer: Douglas Scherer (Chauncey and OCP certified) is president of Core Paradigm (www.coreparadigm.com); providing consulting, guidance, and formal training solutions primarily to Oracle users. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and user group meetings internationally and has appeared in Visions of the New Millennium, a series seen on PBS and its affiliates. Mr. Scherer's 12 years of IT and database experience has spanned analysis, design, implementation, database management, and project management. He is lead author of Oracle 8i Tops and Techniques, contributing editor to the Oracle Designer Handbook, 2nd edition, and has articles in Oracle Magazine. Mr. Scherer is an instructor in Columbia University's CTA program and for three years held the position of Chair of the Database Track.