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Ying Ding

Ying Ding is an IT veteran who has worked for IBM Global Technology Services as an e-business consultant to several major IBM energy and utilities customers.

Ying holds IBM certifications as a WebSphere System Expert, XML and related technologies expert, and e-business technologist. Ying writes and speaks frequently on WebSphere engineering topics, especially in the area of large system stability.

Ying is a graduate of one of China’s largest and best universities, Jilin University at Changchun. Upon graduation, Ying was offered a lecturer position at the Graduate School of Jilin University. He studied at Brigham Young University, Hawaii Campus, as the first exchange student from China, and earned his M.S. in computer science from the engineering college of Lamar University at Texas.

Ying’s primary research interests are in large IT infrastructure stability and resiliency, technical management of the IT engineering process, and IT infrastructure engineering methodology.

Ying lives with his wife and son in Charlotte, North Carolina. He can be reached at ying.ding@ymail.com.