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Hagen Wenzek

George Bailey is IBM’s Global Managing Partner for the Electronics industry consulting practice and a member of IBM’s senior leadership team. In this role, Mr. Bailey is responsible for managing over several billion of IBM’s business within the Electronics industry, which encompasses clients in consumer electronics, semiconductor, and telecommunications equipment manufacturing sectors, among others. Mr. Bailey leads a global network of thousands of employees focused on the Electronics industry, helping companies transform innovative ideas into bold, meaningful actions that drive business success and enhance enterprise value for our clients.


Mr. Bailey is an internationally recognized authority on strategic change and has led large-scale, multi-year transformational projects for progressive global companies. He is a sought-after speaker and has published numerous books, articles, and white papers.


Mr. Bailey received an M.A. from Pepperdine University and a M.B.A. from Drucker School of Management at Claremont College. He resides in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife and four children. He won his division in the 1995 Transpacific yacht race and remains an avid sailor.


Dr. Hagen Wenzek is the Global Leader for the Electronics industry at the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV). In this role, Dr. Wenzek is responsible for developing and deploying thought leadership in the Electronics industry. He generates the industry insight in the think tank environment of the IBV, in close collaboration with IBM account teams, clients, and academia, such as the Harvard Business School.


In his role as an Associate Partner for IBM Business Consulting Services, Dr. Wenzek has the additional responsibility to engage Electronics industry clients. He has led global consulting engagements from large transformation projects to focused strategy projects. Furthermore, Dr. Wenzek presents the results of his work at international conferences and in lectures at renowned universities.


Dr. Wenzek received a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Aachen University and a Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering from Hagen University, both in Germany. He lives in Heidelberg, where he trains to participate in swimming, running, and cycling competitions.