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Mark Spenik

Mark Spenik is the vice president of Enterprise Technologies at Trilogy Consulting located in Richmond, VA. Mark, a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., entered the computer industry in 1985. He has designed and coded large-scale applications and has consulted with numerous firms in application development, implementation, and migration. He has a broad programming background including assembly language, C, C++, HTML, Active Server Pages, and Visual Basic. Mark is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and charter member, and is frequently invited to speak at various developer conferences and seminars. Mark has also co-authored or contributed to several books on Microsoft SQL Server or Visual Basic. Mark can be reached via the Internet mspenik@trilogyva.com.

Orryn Sledge is a Practice Director with Fulltilt Solutions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He specializes in managing and developing large-scale eBusiness solutions. His background includes the Microsoft Internet platform, Oracle, and other popular eBusiness products. He has been actively involved with SQL Server consulting since 1992 and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD). Orryn is also a frequent speaker at various Microsoft conferences and presentations. He can be reached at osledge@fulltilt.com.

Kari A. Fernandez is an Enterprise Technologies consultant for Trilogy Consulting, in Richmond, Virginia. In 1994 she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Business with a bachelor's degree in Information Systems. Since graduation she has specialized in developing database-driven applications for the Web. Kari employs the use of Microsoft's Windows NT Server, Internet Information Server, and SQL Server, as well as Visual Studio software, as the Web development foundation. Kari has succeeded in rapidly developing small Internet and intranet Web applications and has participated in team development of larger-scale Web applications. She assists clients in conceptualizing and analyzing their strategies for Web site architecture and database design. Her expertise in Web site development combines this and the use of Active Server Pages, the ActiveX Data Object model, and SQL Server along with other Web technologies such as VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, and Dynamic HTML. She has also worked with clients in setting up Web development and production site security and version control as well as determining the client's development to production process. Thanks to the tireless support of her husband, Tony, and two children, Jon Erik and Patrick, Kari has been able to fulfill a long-held goal of writing professionally.

Kevin Viers is the Manager of the Enterprise Technologies group at Trilogy Consulting and a graduate of James Madison University. He has over five years of consulting experience specializing in designing, developing, and implementing enterprise solutions. Kevin cut his programming teeth on PowerBuilder and has since developed a broad development background including SAP, Active Server Pages, and Visual Basic. Kevin lives with his wife, Pam, and his boxer, Alli, in Richmond, Virginia. He can be reached via the Internet at kviers@kscsinc.com.

Laura Jones is a consultant in the Richmond metro area of Virginia. She is employed with Trilogy Consulting, which has been recently recognized as one of the top 500 fastest growing IT consulting firms in the United States. She is currently consulting full time as a SQL Server Database Administrator for a Fortune Five company.

Troy D. Rackley is a consultant with the Enterprise Technologies group of Trilogy Consulting. Troy is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) who always tries to stay one step ahead of the cutting edge. He currently specialized in n-tiered enterprise Web solutions for your local intranet. He was contributing author of the Web Database Developer's guide with Visual Basic 5. Troy lives with his wife Annette in Richmond, Virginia, he can be reached by email at trackley@erols.com.

Anne Yagerline is a senior engineer in client/server development at IKON Technology Services in McLean, Virginia. She develops Windows- and Web-based client/server applications for firms located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Anne is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), with over three years experience with Microsoft SQL Server in particular. Anne can be reached via email at yagerlin@erols.com.

Michael Yocca is a SQL Server and ERwin consultant in the Pittsburgh area, specializing in quality database design. He is Microsoft certified with SQL 6.5 and is a regular contributor to the Pinnacle SQL Professional magazine.