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Cory Isaacson

Cory Isaacson is CEO of Prelude Innovations, Inc., a fi rm specializing in the incubation and introduction of leading software technology products. Actively involved in leading information technologies for over 20 years, Cory served as technical editor and columnist for WebSphere Advisor Magazine, has spoken at hundreds of public events and seminars, and authored numerous articles on architecture and practicalities of employing technology. Cory has provided guidance to hundreds of top architects and professional developers in the fi nancial services, entertainment, telco, and software industries on the development and implementation of powerful business applications.

Most recently Cory was president of Rogue Wave Software, managing the organization for over three years, building new product strategies, and culminating in a successful acquisition in mid-2007 by a leading private equity fi rm. Cory has focused on effi ciently addressing development and deployment challenges of emerging technologies such as SOA, virtualization, and commoditization of resources to support real-world business applications. Cory’s expertise with highperformance transactional applications has helped leading IT organizations respond to the challenges of dramatic growth in business and data volumes, while still managing cost pressures. Most recently, Cory has been an active evangelist on the need for using concurrent processing and scalable database techniques in order to improve application performance on multi-core architectures.

Cory received his B.A. degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara.