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Peter Gottschling

Peter Gottschling’s professional passion is writing leading-edge scientific software, and he hopes to infect many readers with this virus. This vocation resulted in writing the Matrix Template Library 4 and coauthoring other libraries including the Boost Graph Library. These programming experiences were shared in several C++ courses at universities and in professional training sessions–finally leading to this book.

He is a member of the ISO C++ standards committee, vice-chair of Germany’s programming language standards committee, and founder of the C++ User Group in Dresden. In his young and wild years at TU Dresden, he studied computer science and mathematics in parallel up to a bachelor-like level and finished the former with a Ph.D. After an odyssey through academic institutions, he founded his own company, SimuNova, and returned to his beloved home town of Leipzig, just in time for its 1000th anniversary. He is married and has four children.