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Brian Loesgen

David Chou

David Chou is a technical architect at Microsoft and is based in Los Angeles. His focus is on collaborating with enterprises and organizations in such areas as cloud computing, SOA, Web, distributed systems, and security. His involvement supports decision makers in helping them to define the appropriate evolutionary strategies in their architecture development. Drawing from his extensive experience at previously held positions with Sun Microsystems and Accenture, David enjoys helping his clients and customers create value by using objective and pragmatic approaches to create definitive IT strategies, roadmaps, and solution architectures. Find David and his blog at blogs.msdn.com/dachou.


John deVadoss

John deVadoss leads the Patterns & Practices team at Microsoft and is based in Redmond, WA. Patterns & Practices is the trusted source for guidance on the Microsoft platform; John and his team are chartered with creating, collating, and disseminating proven practices to enable productive, predictable development on the Microsoft .NET platform. John’s experience spans 15 years in the software industry. 10+ years have been with Microsoft--all of it in the enterprise space as a consultant, a program manager in the distributed applications platform division, an architect working with some of Microsoft’s key partners, a director of architecture strategy and, most recently, as the leading technical strategist for the all-up application platform. Prior to Microsoft, John spent a number of years as a technology consultant in Silicon Valley working on largescale middleware and distributed systems design and development. His areas of interest are broadly in distributed application architectures, data and metadata, systems management and currently on edge architectures (both service/cloud and experience), but most of all in creating business value from technology investments. John holds a BE in Computer Engineering, and an MS in Computer Science. Both degrees were awarded by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he also did graduate work towards a PhD in Computer Science.


Thomas Erl

Thomas Erl is the world’s top-selling SOA author, series editor of the Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl (www.soabooks.com), and editor of the SOA Magazine (www.soamag.com). With more than 120,000 copies in print worldwide, his books have become international bestsellers and have been formally endorsed by senior members of major software organizations, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Intel, SAP, CISCO, and HP. Two of his five books, SOA Design Patterns and SOA Principles of Service Design, were authored in collaboration with the IT community and have contributed to the definition of the service-oriented architectural model and service orientation as a distinct paradigm. In cooperation with SOASchool.com, Thomas has helped develop the curriculum for the internationally recognized SOA Certified Professional accreditation program (www.soaschool.com), which has established a series of formal, vendor-neutral certifications in the areas of service-oriented computing. Thomas is also the founder of SOA Systems Inc. (www.soasystems.com), the founding member of the SOA Manifesto Working Group (www.soa-manifesto.org), a member of the SOA Education Committee (www.soacommittee.org), and oversees the SOAPatterns.org initiative, a community site dedicated to the on-going development of a master pattern catalog for SOA. Thomas has toured more than 20 countries as a speaker and instructor for public and private events, and regularly participates in events, such as the SOA Symposium (www.soasymposium.com) and