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Adrian Wong

About the Author

Adrian Wong has been part of the online hardware community since 1996 when he first set up Adrian's Rojak Pot. Since then, the author has written many authoritative articles and guides on computers.

Here's a short list of some of his previous works:

    The Motherboard BIOS Flashing Guide

    The Video BIOS Flashing Guide

    The Hot Flashing Guide

    Hard Disk Myths Debunked!

    The Definitive Swapfile Optimization Guide

    The Definitive Battery Extender Guide

    The Compression Comparison Guide

    The Definitive Maxtor Silent Store Guide

    The Windows 2000 Hints & Tips Guide

    The Definitive Disk Cache Optimization Guide

    The Definitive Chunksize Optimization Guide

    The Definitive IDE Block Mode Guide

    The Definitive Video RAM Caching Guide

Adrian's articles and guides are considered reference material by the computer hardware community. In fact, the author regularly receives accolades from both peers and members of the industry.

Adrian currently divides his time between medical school and Adrian's Rojak Pot in Melaka, Malaysia.