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Marc Fleury

Juha Lindfors got involved with the JBoss J2EE application server in early 2000. While digging into the source, he got a crash course in the JMX API, which was already part of the server core. Today, apart from trying to learn to write, he spends a lot of his time writing free software and training people in JMX and J2EE. The rest of his time is spent trying to figure out what to do when he grows up while studying Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Marc Fleury, Ph.D., was born in Paris in 1968. Marc started in Sales at Sun Microsystems France. A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, France's top engineering school, and an ex-Lieutenant in the paratroopers, he has a master in Theoretical Physics from the ENS ULM and a Ph.D in Physics for work he did as a visiting scientist at MIT (X-Ray Lasers). Marc currently serves as the President of the JBoss Group, LLC¿an elite services company based out of Atlanta, GA.

The JBoss Group LLC, is a service company dedicated to support, training, and consulting around the free JBoss platform. Based in Atlanta, GA, this LLC regroups core JBoss programmers around the world. JBoss is an open-source, standards-compliant, J2EE application server implemented in 100 percent pure Java. The JBoss/Server and complement of products are delivered under a public license. With 50,000+ downloads per month, JBoss is arguably the most downloaded J2EE-based server in the industry.