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Ilya Sharapov

RAJAT P. GARG is a staff engineer in the Performance Technologies Group at Sun Microsystems, where he works on compiler performance analysis and benchmarking. Prior to that, he worked in the Market Development Engineering group, optimizing third-party scientific and technical applications on Sun UltraSPARC systems. He has published over a dozen articles in peer-reviewed technical journals and conferences and has three U.S. patents pending. He obtained a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, Palo Alto, California in 1996.

ILYA SHARAPOV is a member of the Market Development Engineering group at Sun Microsystems where he works on performance analysis and optimization of applications for mechanical computer-aided engineering, computational chemistry, and bioinformatics. He has published a number of papers on software engineering and optimization. He received his PhD degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1997.