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Simon Kapadia

Bill Hines is a Consulting I/T Specialist with IBM’s Software Services for WebSphere organization in the Software Division, working as a mobile consultant out of Hershey, PA (Chocolatetown, USA). He has several years of DataPower experience in both customer engagements and developing and delivering internal DataPower training to the IBM consulting, engineering, support, QA, and technical sales teams. He also has WebSphere Application Server experience dating back to 1998 and across all versions from 2.x to 6.x in areas of specialty including installation, configuration, tuning, dynacache, security, troubleshooting, and design/architecture of enterprise J2EE applications using WebSphere family development tools. He is a co-author of the highly acclaimed IBM Press book IBM WebSphere: Deployment and Advanced Configuration as well as several articles published in WebSphere Technical Journal and developerWorks, and his background includes more than twenty years of information technology experience in many platforms and languages, as well as degrees from New York Institute of Technology and Tulsa Jr. College.


John Rasmussen is a Senior I/T Specialist with IBM Software Services for WebSphere organization, Software Division in Cambridge, MA. John was first introduced to DataPower devices in 2001 while working as an engineer with Fidelity Investments developing XML/XSLT/JAXP applications for Internet-enabled mobile devices. John has been with IBM/DataPower since that time, and has worked as a product development engineer (where he created and developed the original WebGUI Drag and Drop Policy Editor) and as a product specialist assisting many clients in the implementation of DataPower devices. John has an extensive career in software development, including work with McCormack & Dodge/D&B Software and as an independent consultant and independent developer of application software and security systems. John has a degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts, with his sons Alex and Nick.


Jaime Ryan is a DataPower Specialist for the IBM WebSphere Software Group, currently in Technical Sales for the Western United States. He has worked with all aspects of customer-oriented Services, Sales, and Education for DataPower SOA Appliances at some of IBM’s largest and most strategic accounts. He has more than eight years of experience in the creation of high performance Web Services registry, routing, acceleration, BPM, and EAI products. Jaime’s background includes a strong focus on Service Oriented Architectures from multiple perspectives: software development, independent consulting, and technical documentation. He received Computer Science and Cognitive Science degrees from the University of California, San Diego, where he met his lovely wife, Danielle.


Simon Kapadia is the Security Lead for IBM Software Services for WebSphere (ISSW) in Europe. He works on designing and implementing large distributed computer systems for IBM customers. Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Drama and a Master’s in Computing Science. He has owned a computer since six years of age and has turned a lifelong hobby into a career. Prior to joining IBM, Simon developed software for digital exchanges at Bell Laboratories, managed networks and Web applications at an ISP, and supported and consulted on DCE, DFS, and Encina for Transarc Corporation. You can reach Simon at simon.kapadia@uk.ibm.com or via his public Web site at http://www.kapadia.pl.


Jim Brennan is an IBM I/T Specialist with IBM Software Services for WebSphere. He is a mobile consultant out of Hackettstown, NJ specializing in DataPower administration and configuration. Jim has assisted in developing and delivering internal DataPower education material to IBM consultants and engineers. Jim has also been an application developer working with several different programming languages and platforms ranging from COBOL to Java. Jim has been a J2EE developer for several years specializing in J2EE development for WebSphere Application Server. He also has several years of experience with WebSphere Application Server installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and administration. Jim has more than ten years of I/T experience with a certificate from the Chubb Institute of Technology and also attended Felician College in Lodi, NJ.