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Richard S Wright

Richard S. Wright, Jr. has used OpenGL for 10 years and teaches OpenGL programming in the game design degree program at Full Sail in Orlando, Florida. He is a former Real 3D representative to the OpenGL Architecture Review Board and has delivered multiple commercial applications that use OpenGL extensively, including games, scientific and medical applications, database visualization and educational software. Lead author of the first and second editions of OpenGL SuperBible, he is also the founder and president of Starstone Software Systems, Inc., where he develops multimedia simulation software for the PC and Macintosh platforms using OpenGL.

Benjamin Lipchak develops OpenGL drives at ATI Research in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Formerly writing Digital UNIX and Windows NT OpenGL drives for AlphaStations at DEC and Compaq, Benj recently joined ATI to help pioneer programmable shader technology. He participated in the OpenGL Architecture Review Board standardization of shader extensions and chaired the ARB_fragment_program working group.