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Jeffrey Putz

Jeff Putz is the founder of POP World Media, LLC, a company formed originally to organize several hobby Web sites into a bona fide business. Jeff started programming in grade six on a TRS-80 and moved up through an Atari 600XL and Apple II+ later. After flirting with various jobs in the broadcast world, Jeff returned to computers and welcomed the Internet in 1998, working in various programming and management roles for several companies specializing in vertical market content.

Jeff's POP Forums application (http://www.popforums.com) has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and was featured in MSDN Magazine (Feb. 2004). His company is in the process of developing several products using ASP.NET and continues to operate CoasterBuzz (http://www.coasterbuzz.com), the world's most popular roller coaster enthusiast site.

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