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Shawn M. Lauriat

Shawn M. Lauriat moved to San Francisco during the heady heyday of the dot.com boom. After learning his lesson the hard way (as many other developers did) his family moved to Long Beach for a year of schooling and some contract work. Upon their return to SF, he got a contract job for the EPA and his career slowly built up from there.

Between doing contract work for his own company, Frozen O, and other companies, he learned a lot on his own and started teaching himself the newest of the web application technologies. When his family moved to Austin for the weather, tech industry, and low cost of living, a funny thing happened: his skills became very much a welcome commodity and he has been fending off companies ever since. He currently leads development on the Ajax-driven web application for the most powerful build/process automation tool in the industry, IBM® Rational® Build Forge®.

This makes his first book and probably not his last, but he has some work to do making music, working on his own web projects, acting as a photographer’s assistant for his disabled wife, and playing with their two dogs and three cats. Then he’ll have permission to write another.