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Mandy has worked for IBM since 1987. She is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Master Inventor, and member of the IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team. As the chief architect for InfoSphere® Solutions in IBM’s Software Group, Mandy designs common information integration patterns for different industries and solutions.


In earlier roles, Mandy’s work has focused on transaction processing, event management, business process management, information management, and model-driven development. This breadth is reflected in her invention portfolio, which to date stands at over 50 issued patents worldwide.


Outside of IBM, Mandy is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and a visiting professor at the University of Sheffield, UK. In 2001, she was the first woman to be awarded a Silver Medal by the Royal Academy of Engineering, and in 2000, she was one of the “TR100” young innovators identified by MIT’s Technology Review magazine. In 2006, she won a British Female Innovators and Inventors Network (BFIIN) “Building Capability” award for her work developing innovative people and the BlackBerry “2006 Best Woman in Technology - Corporate Sector” award. More recently, she was granted an honorary fellowship of the Institution for Engineering Designers (IED) and she won the “2012 everywoman Innovator of the Year.” For more information on Mandy’s publications, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanda_Chessell.


Harald Smith


Harald has worked for IBM since 2005. Harald is a software architect in IBM’s Software Group specializing in information quality, integration, and governance products, and is IBM certified in delivering IBM Information Management solutions. In this role, he develops best practices, methodology, and accelerators for common information integration use cases.


Harald has 30 years of experience working with data quality products and solutions; product and project management; application development and delivery; system auditing; technical services; and business processes across the software, financial services, healthcare, and education sectors. Harald was the product manager at Ascential® Software and IBM responsible for designing and bringing the IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer product to market as a key component in IBM’s information quality portfolio. He has been issued three patents in the field of information quality and rule discovery and was recently recognized as an IBM developer- Works Contributing Author.


His publications include the IBM developerWorks articles “The information perspective of SOA design” [parts 6, 7, and 8], “Use IBM WebSphere® AuditStage in a federated database environment,” “Using pre-built rule definitions with IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer,” “Designing an integration landscape with IBM InfoSphere Foundation Tools and Information Server” [part 1], and “Best practices for IBM InfoSphere Blueprint Director” [parts 1 and 2]. For the IBM InfoSphere Information Server documentation, Harald contributed to the “IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer Methodology and Best Practices Guide” and “IBM Info- Sphere Information Server Integration Scenario Guide”; he has also contributed to three IBM Redbooks®.