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Matthew D. Sherer

Jason Fink has been involved with computers and electronics since 1984 when he blew up a power supply he tried to "improve" in high school. Since then he has worked on mainframe systems, Unix clustered LANs and a variety of other interesting networks and systems. He contributes to the Open Source community in various manners.

Matthew (Matt) Sherer has been fixated with computers for years, starting with a Laser128 back when Apple-compatible machines were all the rage. This fixation resulted in a degree in Computer Science from Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA, and a discovery of UNIX and Linux along the way. Upon graduation, he spent some time in the government contracting world for a while before succumbing to the lure of commercial work. He spends a large portion of his time following all things pertaining to Open Source and Free Software, attempting to project their impact and assist in making sure that they are chosen over more limiting solutions whenever possible. Matt can usually be found behind his monitors either hacking or catching up on news about the latest code. If he's suspiciously not at his machine, chances are good that heÕs off travelling to some distant corner of the world.