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David Bandel

Allan Smart currently works as the director of Technical Services at Caldera, Inc. He graduated from Utah State University with a BS degree in computer science in 1984. Erik Ratcliffe has been a Linux enthusiast going all the way back to 1991 (starting with Linux kernel version 0.11). He is currently the manager of Technical Support Services at Caldera and does double-duty working on training courses for their upcoming certification program. Tim Bird has worked with Linux since 1993. He left Novell in 1995 to join Caldera, where he has been employed on various Linux programming projects. He currently works for Caldera Thin Clients, Inc. He has previously published articles in the NetWare Technical Journal. David Bandel currently works for Custom Software Services in Bellevue, WA, as the Senior Systems Technician. He works on a wide variety of systems, maintaining Sparc Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, SCO Openserver, NT, and of course, Linux systems. He also works as an independent networking consultant and writes for Linux Journal.