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Don Box

Chris Sells is the VP of the Developer Tools Division at Telerik. He's written several books, including Programming WPF, Windows Forms 2.0 Programming, and ATL Internals. In his free time, Chris makes a pest of himself on Microsoft forums and mailing lists. More information about Chris and his various projects is available at http://www.sellsbrothers.com.


Brandon Satrom (@BrandonSatrom) is Program Manager for Kendo UI at Telerik and is based in Austin, Texas. A longtime web developer, Brandon loves to talk about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, open source, and whatever new shiny tool or technology has distracted him from that other thing he was working on. Brandon speaks at events all around the world, and he loves hanging out with and learning from other passionate developers, both online and in person. He also loves writing and has had several articles featured in publications like MSDN MagazineThe Architecture Journal, and .net magazine. Brandon can be reached online at his blog http://www.UserInExperience.com.


Don Box is a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft. At Microsoft, Don has worked on platform and developer technologies for .NET, SQL, and most recently, Xbox. Prior to Microsoft, Don roamed the earth helping developers come to terms with COM, Including writing Essential COM for Addison-Wesley.