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Peter Thorsteinson

DR. ROBERT J. OBERG is founder and President of Object Innovations, a leading developer of integrated courseware on .NET and other strategic software. He is editor of The Integrated .NET Series from Object Innovations and Prentice Hall PTR. Oberg's recent books include Introduction to C# Using .NET and (with Michael Stiefel) Application Development Using C# and .NET (both published by Prentice Hall PTR).

PETER THORSTEINSON is a systems analyst who has been programming and teaching developers for over a decade. He specializes in .NET, C#, C++, COM, and Java and is coauthor of .NET Architecture and Programming Using Visual C++ (Prentice Hall PTR).

DR. DANA L. WYATT formed EMCA Consulting in 1993 to deliver advanced object-oriented training, mentoring, and consulting services. She specializes in VB, C++, and COM/DCOM. Wyatt is also coauthor of Introduction to Visual Basic Using .NET (Prentice Hall PTR).