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Todd Stauffer

Todd Stauffer is a magazine writer, host of the Peak Computing Radio Hour in Denver, Co. and co-host of the television show "Disk Doctors" airing nationally on JEC Knowledge TV. He's the author of Using Your Mac, Using the Internet with Your Mac, Using Pagemill 2, MacWorld Mac Upgrade and Repair Bible (not yet published), HTML By Example, Using HTML 3.2 2nd Edition, Small Business Microsoft Office 97 for Dummies, as well as several additional titles. Todd's articles have appeared in local and national magazines including The Inside Line, WebSight Magazine and Windows Magazine. He writes a regular column for Peak Computing Magazine called "On the Internet," available weekly on the Web at http://peak-computing.com. He also serves as an expert television guest on "Jones Technology Update" and the "Computer Zone" and gives occasional seminars along Colorado's Front Range. His story "Mac vs. PC: Sometimes it's War" won Peak Computing Online a "Hot Site" award from USA Today.