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William T. Councill

Bill Councill is a partner in Texas Quintessence Corporation. Currently, he is devoting all his time as co-editor of the forthcoming book, Component-Based Software Engineering: Putting the Pieces Together. Previously, he was Systems and Software Process Manager for Mannatech, Inc. His experience includes the development of systems processes and component-based software development processes and methodologies, as well as the following:

  • Business Analysis: including business rules elicitation and management;
  • Requirements engineering, using requirements management applications, use case development, and liaison with the software design team;
  • Configuration Management;
  • Measurement and metrics, using function points and well accepted FP applications;
  • Quality Assurance;
  • Risk Management; and
  • Software Change Impact Analysis.

He has dedicated the last nine years of his life to absorbing and practicing knowledge from the emerging field of software engineering. He has a master's degree in counseling and devoted 18 years of his life to counseling patients in pain and those with difficult psychiatric diagnoses. Additionally, he earned a Juris Doctor degree. After the award of the law degree, Bill worked in the fields of health care consulting and administrative lobbying.

He entered the discipline of software engineering as the founder of PenKnowledge, Inc. and was the originator of Doctor's Office 3.0, a computer-based patient record system. The system incorporated Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, pen computing across a radio frequency LAN, as well as the replication of data among client and server SQL databases. Mr. Councill participated in the slowly emerging standards for computer-based patient record systems by contributing to the work on digitalsignatures, confidentiality and security, and the functionality of computer-based record-keeping systems.