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Lawrence H. Kaye

Albert J. Saganich, Jr. holds both master's and bachelor's degrees in computer science and mathematics and has been in the computer industry for more than 18 years designing, developing, and supporting enterprise-level applications and services. Al consults for such companies as Thomson Financial, Fidelity, Compaq, and Digital. In 1999 Al joined BEA's Education Division, where he works as a Principal Technologist/Architect providing mentoring, design, development, and other education services. Al is an accomplished writer and has published a number of works on Java, XML, and J2EE. Al speaks frequently on WebLogic Server and J2EE-related technologies. In his spare time, Al teaches Pai Lum Kung Fu and rides dirtbikes with his wife and children.

Tom Hardy has more than five years of experience designing and developing applications using BEA WebLogic Platform, specifically BEA WebLogic Server and BEA WebLogic Portal. In addition, he has taught courses for BEA on all parts of BEA WebLogic Platform, including development and administration courses. Tom has delivered lectures at EWorld pertaining to the WebLogic Portal product. Tom has a master's degree in computer science with a concentration in software development. Tom is an avid baseball fan and a Boston Red Sox season ticket holder.

Lawrence H. Kaye has more than 10 years of experience designing and developing enterprise applications for commercial and federal government agencies. Lawrence is the Senior Manager of Education Infrastructure at BEA Systems and has helped design, build, and market several dozen courses for BEA WebLogic Platform. He has taught courses on BEA WebLogic Server development and administration and BEA WebLogic Integration and written articles for WebLogic Developer's Journal and dev2dev Web site. Lawrence is a certified rocket scientist, holding bachelor's and master's degrees in aerospace engineering.

Sunila Srivatsan has played multiple pivotal roles in her 11 years in the information technology industry. Her credits include technical and strategic interface with various institutions, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies, U.S. and foreign government agencies, and international clients. Her professional charters have included project architecture, design, and development; life cycle management; education delivery; technical courseware development; and technical prospecting. Since 2000, Sunila's technical delivery for BEA education services has spanned all products of BEA. Her vast technical repertoire and ability to resolve client issues in their best interests has consistently endeared her to clients. Over several years, Sunila has presented technical papers at EWorld and JavaOne conferences in a variety of areas. Sunila earned her B.S. in mathematics (1992) and postgraduate qualifications in computer science. She also holds a law degree and is admitted to the legal bar in India.