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Paul Della Maggiora

Paul Della Maggiora is the co-author of the first edition of this title. Paul has been in the networking and computer industry for over 15 years, with the majority of time spent at Cisco Systems. Serving as TAC escalation engineer, product manager, and customer proof of concept lab manager, Paul spent his decade at Cisco translating highly technical network and computing concepts into easily understood business relevance. Having written several Cisco Press books, Paul realized the need to move away from the deeply technical tomes and more into simple explanations for how these rapidly changing technologies affect everyone’s personal and professional lives, thus developing this series with Jim Doherty. Paul currently is a director of product management at Motorola for enterprise device management, and on the side runs his own company, Gadow Guitars, for fun. Paul achieved one of the earlier CCIE certifications, 1522, and contributed to the development of the original CCIE network management and ATM/LAN switching specialty certifications.