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Jonathan Dinu

Jonathan Dinu is the founder of Zipfian Academy—an advanced immersive training program for data scientists and data engineers in San Francisco—and served as its CAO/CTO before it was acquired by Galvanize,  where he now is the VP of Academic Excellence.  He first discovered his love of all things data while studying Computer Science and Physics at UC Berkeley, and in a former life he worked for Alpine Data Labs developing distributed machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics on Hadoop.

Jonathan is a dedicated educator, author, and speaker with a passion for sharing the things he has learned in the most creative ways he can.  He has run data science workshops at Strata and PyData (among others), built a Data Visualization course with Udacity, and served on the UC Berkeley Extension Data Science Advisory Board.  Currently he is writing a book on practical Data Science applications using Python.  When he is not working with students you can find him blogging about data, visualization, and education at http://hopelessoptimism.com/.