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Reliability, Resiliency and Recovery Design Patterns in Cloud Computing
Jun 23, 2015
Contingency planning efforts for continuity of operations and disaster recovery are concerned with designing and implementing cloud architectures that provide runtime reliability, operational resiliency, and automated recovery when interruptions are encountered, regardless of origin. The patterns in this chapter from Cloud Computing Design Patterns address different aspects of these requirements.
Designing Software in a Distributed World
Oct 1, 2014
This chapter from The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Designing and Operating Large Distributed Systems, Volume 2 is an overview of what is involved in designing services that use distributed computing techniques. These are the techniques all large web sites use to achieve their size, scale, speed, and reliability.
What You Really Need to Know About Dropbox
Sep 23, 2014
Dropbox offers free cloud-based storage for personal use, with highly affordable options for commercial use. But sharing files via Dropbox comes with some interesting gotchas, especially when large volumes of data are involved or when files are shared by many users. Learn how to handle these gotchas with dispatch and aplomb, and avoid potential loss of access to important files or content.
The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Operations in a Distributed World
Sep 22, 2014
This chapter from The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Designing and Operating Large Distributed Systems, Volume 2 starts with some operations management background, then discusses the operations service life cycle, and ends with a discussion of typical operations work strategies.
Evaluating Cloud Storage Services
Aug 18, 2014
You don't need a big hard disk anymore; data is moving from local storage to the cloud. In this article, author Michael Miller examines the most popular cloud storage services for consumers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneBox, and Apple iCloud.
A Strategic SEO Upfront Content Approach for WordPress SEO Success
Jun 26, 2014
This chapter discusses starting SEO and developing a content strategy; outlines the best SEO content objectives, plans, and guides; explains how to pick the best keywords; and shows how to manage the WordPress SEO tools.
Working with XML Data in R
Jun 13, 2014
Tobi Bosede's step-by-step example shows how easily you can mine XML data from APIs by using R. Simple analysis and even multi-level reporting and output are possible with just a few lines of code.
Apache Hadoop YARN: A Brief History and Rationale
Mar 24, 2014
This chapter provides a historical account of why and how Apache Hadoop YARN came about.
Data Just Right Video Tutorials: How to Use Hadoop, Hive, Shark, R, Apache Pig, Mahout, and Google BigQuery
Feb 26, 2014
Michael Manoochehri provides viewers with an introduction to implementing practical solutions for common data problems. This excerpt from Data Just Right LiveLessonscontains three sample videos: 1. Loading Data into Hive, 2. Writing a Multistep MapReduce Job Using the mrjob Python Library, and 3. Using the Pandas Library for Analyzing Time Series Data.
Designing Networks and Services in the Cloud
Jul 12, 2013
This chapter explores the role of the network in enabling the success of business-grade cloud services - moving to the cloud and encouraging the adoption of cloud services by enterprises as well as monetizing those network investments.
Drupal Themes Explained
Mar 21, 2013
In this chapter, learn how to change your Drupal theme and change your site’s design and layout. You'll also learn how to distinguish between the administrative theme and the site theme, install a theme from Drupal.org, turn on and setup a theme, and configure a theme that utilizes modules to provide features.
Secure Communications on the Cloud with a SOCKS Proxy
Feb 21, 2013
IBM Senior Software Engineer Alexander Amies and Advisory Software Engineer Qiang Guo Tong, co-authors on Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud, discuss how to use the SOCKet Secure (SOCKS) protocol, working through the cloud to access resources on your local virtual machines and VLANs, even if they're protected by firewall.
Creating a DNS Service on the Cloud
Jan 28, 2013
IBM Senior Software Engineer Alexander Amies and IBM Software Engineer Pan Xia Zou discuss how to configure and use a DNS server for management of virtual machines on the cloud. This is described in the context of a cloud-based virtual local area network and scripting to automate network configuration of virtual machines. One of the architects of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform, Alex is a co-author of Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud.
Workload Migration for the Cloud
Dec 19, 2012
IBM Senior Software Engineer Alexander Amies and IBM Technical Solution Architect Nathan Gibbs discuss various aspects of workload migration and share some case studies that reveal techniques for such migrations. One of the architects of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform, Alex is a co-author of Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud.
Cloud Computing Reference Architecture: Data Ingress and Storage Access
Oct 24, 2012
Buck Woody, Senior Technical Specialist on Windows Azure at Microsoft, describes how to create a centralized, off-premises (cloud-based) data store that provides flexibility, security, consistency, and guards against vendor lock-in.
Multilingual Natural Language Processing Applications: Finding the Structure of Words
Sep 20, 2012
Learn how to identify words of distinct types in human languages, and how the internal structure of words can be modeled in connection with the grammatical properties and lexical concepts the words should represent.
What You Need to Succeed in Cloud Environments
Sep 20, 2012
Alexander Amies discusses the items you need to run applications and services successfully on the cloud. One of the architects of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform, Alex is the primary author of Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud.
Definitive XML Schema: Simple Types
Sep 18, 2012
Both element and attribute declarations can use simple types to describe their data content. This chapter introduces simple types and explains how to define your own atomic simple types for use in your schemas.
Analysis and Service Modeling with REST
Sep 3, 2012
A primary way in which SOA project delivery methodologies differ is in how they position and prioritize analysis-related phase, which the authors discuss in this chapter.
Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Concepts
Aug 1, 2012
This chapter discusses Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) concepts with the goal of giving cloud application developers background knowledge and helping them explore why they might want to use cloud computing.

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