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SQL Server: Optimizing Database Performance Through Indexes
Aug 2, 2002
Want to improve your database query performance 10, 100, or possibly even 1,000 fold? Discover how to effectively incorporate indexes into your tables.
SQL Server: Tuning Database Design
Jul 26, 2002
Build tables, plunk in your data, you're done, right? Wrong. A poorly structured database can be a huge drain on your resources. Learn how to fix the problems.
SQL Server Tuning: Database Maintenance
Jul 19, 2002
The database administrator works like a doctor, keeping databases healthy. Learn the routine maintenance tasks that can help your databases live a long and active life.
Application Performance Tuning
Jul 12, 2002
In this intro to their series on SQL Server database tuning, Baya Pavliashvili and Kevin Kline point out some of the larger-scale problems that can affect application performance.
SQL Server: Recovering the Master Database
Jul 5, 2002
Having a carefully documented and tested recovery plan enables easy restoration of a server after a comprehensive failure. Run through a typical recovery situation step-by-step, plus review specific critical issues such as restoring logins and organizing restored user accounts.
The Battle of the RDBMSs: SQL Server 2000 Versus Oracle 9i (Part 2)
Jun 28, 2002

Database expert Rob Hawthorne explores the beginnings of both Microsoft and the SQL Server database as part of his series comparing SQL Server with Oracle 9i.

The Battle of the RDBMSs: SQL Server 2000 Versus Oracle 9i (Part 1)
Jun 21, 2002
Database expert Rob Hawthorne explores the Oracle Corporation and Oracle RDBMSs, peeping into the beginnings of both the company and the very popular Oracle database. See how the RDBMS sprang from the CIA!
VB.NET and SQL Server 2000: One Controlling Part of a Transaction
Jun 14, 2002
If you follow the recommendation to use local transactions when you only have one Resource Manager, but want to prepare for a possible future change to distributed transactions and have as few programming changes as possible, there are a couple of issues to consider. Jimmy Nilsson describes useful ways to attack the issue of having only have one controlling part for the transaction.
Options Affecting SQL Server Locking Behavior
May 31, 2002
If you need to alter SQL Server's default locking behavior, learn about the query hints and SET options that can also be used to alter the way SQL Server locks resources.
SQL Server: Blocking Problems
May 24, 2002
If your users complain about applications being slow, you may have blocking problems. This article shows you how to determine the causes of the blocking and how to resolve them.
Getting Started with MSDE and VB .NET
May 17, 2002
How can you build small multiuser applications inexpensively while preparing to scale up if your database needs increased performance? This article shows you how to use MSDE for these tasks.
SQL Server: Details of Locking
May 17, 2002
Understanding SQL Server’s locking architecture and lock types should get you on your way to writing scalable applications.
SQL Server: Transaction and Locking Architecture
May 10, 2002
Why are transactions important in Microsoft SQL Server, and how are they implemented? This first article in the transactions and locking series gives you a general overview.
SQL Server and OPENXML
May 1, 2002
Going through thousands of lines of XML can quickly degrade performance. That’s why it is nice to have the OPENXML function, which does the parsing work for you fairly efficiently.
DTS Tips and Tricks
Mar 8, 2002
In this third article of their three-part DTS series, Baya Pavliashvili and Dan Lampkin share the DTS tips that one can learn only through a hands-on experience with DTS packages and components.
The DTS Object Model
Mar 1, 2002
This second article in the three-part DTS series by Baya Pavliashvili and Dan Lampkin introduces you to the main objects and properties of the DTS object model.
What's New in SQL Server 2000
Mar 1, 2002
This sample chapter explores the new features provided in SQL Server 2000, as well as many of the enhancements to previously available features.
Introduction to Data Transformation Services (DTS)
Feb 22, 2002
In this first article in their three-part DTS series, Baya Pavliashvili and Dan Lampkin introduce you to one of the most powerful data transfer tools available: the Data Transformation Services of SQL Server.
SQL Server Stored Procedure Basics
Feb 8, 2002
Learn the basics of writing stored procedures, monitor stored procedure activity using the Profiler utility, and learn from several real-world stored procedure programming issues.
SureSync Part 2: Installing and Configuring SureSync to Run As a Service
Feb 8, 2002
Do you want SureSync to run as a service? In this second of a three-part series, Rob Hawthorne discusses its installation and configuration.

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